3 simple tips to make your construction or trade business admin easier in 2019

work smarter

Do you start each year buried under even more paperwork than the last and not quite sure how to get on top of it? We hear you.

If you’re a builder or trade we’ve got your back – take a fresh approach in 2019 with our three easy tips to make your admin easier and improve construction efficiency.

1. Tighten the screws on your takeoffs

Forget the printer and ditch your ruler, there’s a simple new way to measure and price your jobs. For a builder there’s no two ways about it – faster takeoffs means more quotes, which means more jobs.

Buildxact’s simple construction estimating software improves your construction efficiency by allowing you to do all aspects of your takeoffs and estimating digitally – no more printed plans or phone calls and emails with suppliers to get your costings.

Once you have your takeoffs down pat, you might even consider joining the increasing number of builders charging for quotes. With your job secured, Master Builders Australia have a wide range of contracts that you can download and adapt for your own use.

2. Embrace the e-form

Gone are the days of double-handling information – get what you need to get on with the job with e-forms.

A simple example is a contact form on your website that prospective clients fill out to give you the information you need quickly and easily.

To take it up a notch you can create a range of forms based on your needs. Our construction estimating software lets create and send forms to your suppliers for quotes, through the “Request for Quote” functionality. Once your supplier completes the form the information is fed directly into the system and away you go – simple.

3. Use today’s technologies to manage your jobs

For many people, spreadsheets are the first tool they use to do some basic calculations and tracking of numbers. HIA has step-by-step guides to starting and optimising your spreadsheets. But remember, it’s more a tool box than a tool; you will have to effectively “program” it, creating your own formulas and calculations to make it work for you.

If you’re looking for tools that are specifically designed for the job, look at web-based estimating and job management systems. It takes you all the way from first quote to final invoice, managing your jobs simply and easily with all job information stored securely in one place.

Other good resources

TradiePad, one of our partners, can help you go paperless by helping you find the best apps and online tools for your business – like Xero for accounting and Deputy for rostering and timesheets. For more ideas, keep your eyes peeled for events in Melbourne and Brisbane in March, hosted by PROTRADE United is planning events in Brisbane and Melbourne in early March, with the topic of “The Essential Technology to Transform your Business”

Final words: It’s easier than it looks

  • Don’t be intimidated – if you can use Facebook, online banking or anything else on a computer or mobile, there are tools for your business that you can use too.
  • It’s not you, it’s the software. Expect tools that are easy to use and get started with. There is no reason or excuse for complex technology these days.
  • Make the tech part someone elses problem – Choose online/Cloud solutions so you don’t have to worry about anything but your laptop and a mobile, not servers, updates, back ups and all the other drama that comes with computers.