How to induct employees when you are a builder

Inducting employees when you’re a builder can be a process often ignored and overlooked. Inductions are not just good business practice, in many cases and many industries, they’re required by law. Here at Buildxact we know what works for builders and the challenges builders face every day. Builders regularly manage multiple sites with many employees and don’t have time to properly communicate company policies to employees putting their business and livelihood at risk. Induct for Work is an Australian based company, that focuses on helping businesses improve productivity, time management and compliance.

Here’s why a business like Buildxact uses Induct for Work and how you can use it too for your business:
• Cover yourself legally by customizing your own induction questions.
• Employees, tradies and subbies complete their inductions online or onsite via a smart phone.
• Get employees compliant and trained faster.
• Eliminate paperwork and the hassle of keeping records.
• Manage inductions across sites and multiple businesses.
• Use templates to create company policies.
• Manage inductions easily using the built in reporting functions.

Making your employees compliant has never been more important. An easily disregarded part of a builder’s business is now streamlined, saving the builder time and most importantly any potential legal costs down the track. Induct for Work is the ultimate compliance solution for builders and tradies in Australia.

To find out more go to Induct for Work.