Roofing estimating software – so simple even your kids can do it!

Estimating the roof of a residential or commercial building is often a complicated task for builders and tradies. There’s the pitch, materials, multiple measurements and not to mention the weather to take into consideration. The number one tool any builder or tradie will need is a simple and easy to use Estimating Software like Buildxact and it’s so simple even your kids can use it. Read how estimating software can help here:

  • Upload your plans, highlight and create a quick take-off with one click.
  • Easily add your pitch and roof slopes.
  • Take full control of you estimate and upload your own price-lists and recipes.
  • Simply add gutters, chimneys and any other roof related work to your estimate.
  • Add waste to your materials.
  • Get an accurate and detailed estimate for you customers.
  • Save your information in a cloud based software package like Buildxact so you can refer to later and use as a template for other jobs.
  • Refer to your estimate and plans in the cloud anytime anywhere when checking for building regulations.

To build and estimate a roof, a strong foundation must first be established. The strong foundation begins at the estimating level. Here’s where an estimating software like Buildxact comes in, our software is designed by builders for builders.