1. I am a current Buildxact customer. What plan will I be moving to? 

2. What do I need to do to move over to the new plans?

You don’t need to do anything. Migrating from the old plans to the new ones will happen automatically after 1 July 2019. If you have a monthly subscription, it will happen upon your next monthly renewal. If you have an annual subscription it will happen upon your next annual renewal date.

3. I’m moving to an Entry plan which includes only 1 user, but I have 2 active users of Buildxact.

Since you have 2 active users and the Entry plan only includes 1 user, you’ll automatically be moved over to the Entry plan and also pay for an extra user. As a special loyalty offer, Buildxact will give you the extra user free for the first 12 months, but after that you will be charged $59/month.

If you don’t want or need the extra licence, please contact us on 1800 965 597 or [email protected] (Australian customers), or 0800 359 817 [email protected] (New Zealand customers).

4. Can I swap plans?

Sure thing. You can swap to a higher or lower value plan at any time. You can also add extra licences/users as well as move from a monthly to a yearly subscription (saving yourself 15% off the RRP), and vice-versa.

Simply contact us on 1800 965 597 or [email protected] (Australian customers), or 0800 359 817 / [email protected] (New Zealand customers).

5. I’m on an annual plan and I’m not due to renew my subscription for some time. Can I move to one of the new plans now?

Yes, you can migrate over to your corresponding new plan at any time and start benefitting from the extra features (for Pro & Teams). Please contact us on 1800 965 597 or [email protected] (Australian customers), or 0800 359 817 / [email protected] (New Zealand customers).

6. I don’t need as many users as I currently have. How do I cancel a licence?

If you’re on a monthly plan you can cancel a licence at any time and it will take effect from your next invoice onwards. If you’re on an annual plan and already paid for an extra yearly licence you won’t be able to cancel it until your subscription is up for renewal. In any case, contact us if you want to cancel a licence(s).

7. What are the differences between the plans?

If you’d like to see what’s in the different plans, please check either the website pricing page or go to the Accounts section of Buildxact and check out the Subscription page.

8. Will I get a discount?

We appreciate your business and we’d like to say thank you by offering you a 10% loyalty discount off the RRP for the life of your subscription.

9. I’m happy on the plan that I originally subscribed to; can I stay on that plan?

No, the new plans supersede the old plans, however you will not lose any functionality; in fact on the Pro and Teams plans you will gain functionality such as Email Integration and User Access Controls.

10. If I’m getting the 10% loyalty discount, am I eligible to receive any other discounts?

No, only one type of discount can be applied to your account at any time.

Help & Support

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