Help your clients in the building industry get ahead with smart management tools, so they can win more jobs, improve profit and cash management, and save valuable time. We connect to Xero, Myob and Quickbooks. Receive ongoing referral income, promote your firm on our directory to generate leads and enjoy free online training and webinars for your customers.

Franchise Partners

For Franchisors who are looking for a software platform to implement standardised sales, quotation and job management processes, we offer a proven, local solution. Buildxact provides the Franchisor with an integrated software platform for Franchisees that can be configured to the Franchisors optimised processes. In addition, the Buildxact reporting capabilities provides the Franchisor with insights into performance of Franchisees across the business.

Education Providers

Train your students on cloud based estimating and job management software so they’re equipped to use modern construction software tools. Partner with us to offer current and past students Buildxact as part of your curriculum and send them on their way to success. We have a variety of partnering offers that give your graduating students access, with a commercial benefit to you and the student.

Industry Networks

Offer your members additional value with special Buildxact subscription packages. Partner with Buildxact to inform your members on the benefits of the latest software tools and innovations in the industry. Enjoy the benefits of our rebate program to support your organisation’s growth, and promote your association through Buildxact’s website and social media platforms.

Connected Apps

Integrate with Buildxact and attract new clients in the construction sector. With current integrations in place for accounting, price lists and workforce management, we’re always on the lookout for natural partners. Contact us to learn more about our APIs and how we can work together.

Benefits of being a Buildxact partner

  • Provide your clients with added value
  • Receive ongoing referral income
  • Your company is listed on to generate leads
  • Joint promotion via Social Media or industry events
  • Free online or face-to-face training and webinars for Buildxact, Xero and CRM integration

How will your clients benefit?

  • Opportunity to win more jobs
  • Improve their profit and cash management
  • Save them valuable time by reducing their administration
  • Discounted rate through your partner buying power

Here’s how it works – it’s simple!

Register to become a Buildxact partner

Introduce your clients to Buildxact

Sign them up for a trial or subscribe them to Buildxact

Receive a rebate for each subscription you bring in

We will provide you with training and marketing materials to pass onto your clients, as well as your own subscription to try out the software. Being a Buildxact partner is your opportunity to attract more clients in the building industry and help them grow.

Apply to be a partner

We look forward to a successful service partnership helping you grow your business to maximise your profits and reputation as our valued partner.