Keeping track of variations

Variations happen, it’s part of virtually every job, right? The challenge is to minimise the effect that variations have on the job and help you track the implications for your costings.

Because variations can change the scope of a project, you want to be able to manage it adequately, whether it’s refunding your customer, charging them for extra work or swap items as selections are made throughout the project.

So, what can Buildxact do to simplify the variations process?

There are two ways Buildxact can manage variations for you:

  1. You can create a brand new variation for items that are above and beyond the original scope
  2. You can select items that were originally budgeted for and then swap, add or refund them.  This method is often used to settle allowances that were made during the estimate.

As a bonus, you can easily create a comprehensive variation document using Buildxact that will inform the customer of the changes, and get their approval.  Easy!

For more information about variations, what they are, and how to create them, check out our FAQs, or watch our instructional video.